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Don't court your chaosTM


I have worked in the helping profession for over half my life. Finding the right therapist is important. I will work with you in a safe environment to carefully explore what matters most to you. I believe individuals need space to discover the strength within, face difficult, frightening and even painful experiences. I also believe in nurturing the hopeful side of things; allowing you to explore what could be. When we work together you are not alone.

Grief is not simply losing a person, it is learning to cope with the absence of anything valued. The loss of love, of a vision, of a concept, measured or priceless that has left us. The focus on "how" gets in the way of experiencing the loss from beginning to end. There is no end in losing something, there is only a route that we can take alone or with someone else to help the steps appear clearer and less threatening. I'm here to help. 


"There is no failure in asking for help. it takes courage to know what you need and that you want your life to change."

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